At Dyslexia Matters, we provide a safe and non-judgement place for Adults with Dyslexia who are ready to overcome the pain and emotions of dyslexia, so that they can heal and grow,
and create a new life that they love. 

Amanda Du Toit

Under my gentle guidance, clients are encouraged to move out of their comfort zone and take action, so that they can re-build their confidence and self-esteem and become more independent and empowered. Using my extensive experience and knowledge of dyslexic life and traits, here is how I can help:

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

This specialised coaching is for dyslexic adults who want to overcome the emotional impact that their neurodiversity has caused, and who want to grow their confidence and create a better life.

Group Workshops

Group Workshops

These online interactive workshops are specially tailored for adults with dyslexia who want to find better ways of living with Dyslexia.  There are also workshops available for non-dyslexics who want to understand and learn how to support their dyslexic loved one.

Workplace Solutions

Workplace Solutions

This Dyslexia Consulting & Support Service is aimed at making life easier at work for Adult Dyslexics, so that they can have less work-related stress and become a more productive and confident employee. 

Luz Orellana


It all started with my presentation card “I am not intelligent”, then you took me on a small journey that showed me that we all have genius within us, and in a short period of time you showed me that it was inside of me, and I saw in your eyes that you believed it so I could also believe it.  Then with the time you dedicated to me, I was able to change my worries of saying the wrong thing, I learned to balance and breathe so that I turned my insecurities into “yes, a voice that can speak” accurate or not, but able to speak.

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