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At Dyslexia Matters, Personal Coaching is available online (via Zoom),
and in person (in Sydney, Australia).

Personal Coaching

This specialised coaching is specifically for you if you are an adult with dyslexia who is ready to change your life for the better.  You want to get rid of the excessive stress and frequent frustration, and the undermining anxiety that’s holding back from living a happier and easier life.

Through this personalised coaching, you will overcome the pain and emotions that originated in the past but are still affecting your current life.  You will learn how to manage your emotions and mindset, and use effective techniques for stress-relief and stress reduction.

Then you will be ready to transform your future with easy goal-setting and realistic plans to actually make it happen.  You will be encouraged to take action and be accountable, whilst being fully supported along the way.

The end result will be a more confident, more relaxed, happier you!

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Jan Stead

I only discovered I was dyslexic later in life. Most of my life, I was hampered by my lack of confidence - I knew what I wanted to achieve, and I had goals and direction, but I also doubted that I could do it. Since working with Amanda, my confidence has increased and I have a greater understanding of some of the core life concepts.  I had a big block, but couldn’t see what it was. In fact, I felt stuck.  But Amanda could see not only that, but she also knew what I needed to clear the block and fill the gaps!  My transformation was significant.

Jan Stead ‧ Client

Ready to take the first step?

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