What Others Say 

Here’s what some of my wonderful clients have to say about their coaching experiences with me.

Kat Jeffrey

I have recently found out that I am dyslexic and completed Amanda's dyslexia program, which has honestly changed my life for the better. The program was personalised for my needs and my dyslexia.

Amanda was, kind, caring, patient and just overall AMAZING!  She taught me new ways to learn, we uncovered my triggers, unpacked my anxiety and most of all boosted my confidence.  She helped me take away all of the stigma around dyslexia and having a learning disability and I am SO inspired after doing this program that I have a NEW goal, which is to become an ambassador for dyslexia.

I am now loud and proud to say I am dyslexic, I have no shame or embarrassment and I feel that learning this will be one of my greatest gifts as I have also discovered many of my untapped talents along the way.

If you think you have dyslexia or a learning disability then I challenge you to find your courage; reach out and ask for help. Amanda can help you!

Amanda is one of the kindest and most caring souls I have ever met.  I couldn’t recommend her more – I truly have so much gratitude and appreciation for the impact and difference Amanda has had on my life!

Kat Jeffrey ‧ Client

Luz Orellano

It all started with my presentation card “I am not intelligent”, then you took me on a small journey that showed me that we all have genius within us, and in a short period of time you showed me that it was inside of me, and I saw in your eyes that you believed it so I could also believe it.  Then with the time you dedicated to me, I was able to change my worries of saying the wrong thing, I learned to balance and breathe so that I turned my insecurities into “yes, a voice that can speak” accurate or not, but able to speak.

From being a self under-estimated human being, I have become a person who values herself, not only for what I know, but also for what I feel and for what I can give to others.  You believed in me, and by doing that you showed me the door to my troubled way and taught me that I have a purpose, that I am meant to fulfil this path that I was given and I choose to accept, but you gave me the key to stand in front and get the guts to open it without fear.

Thank you, Amanda, you gave me your time, you gave me your faith, God bless you for the depth of dedication you give to those who need an opportunity in life.

Luz Orellana ‧ Client

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Jan Stead

I only discovered I was dyslexic later in life.  Most of my life, I was hampered by my lack of confidence - I knew what I wanted to achieve, and I had goals and direction, but I also doubted that I could do it.  I also suffered quite severe depression and undertook some therapy, but that really only touched the surface.

Since working with Amanda, my confidence has increased and I have a greater understanding of some of the core life concepts.  I had a big block, but couldn’t see what it was. In fact, I felt stuck.  But Amanda could see not only that, but she also knew what I needed to clear the block and fill the gaps!

My transformation was significant.  I now understand on a much deeper level and I feel more in control of my life. I am more willing to take risks, make decisions and choices - essentially I am more in control.

I also communicate better and I’m more organised.  My interpersonal and business relationships have improved significantly.  I am now secure enough to work on myself to improve and stretch myself, and brave enough to step into what I feel passionate about, even when it’s sometimes out of my comfort zone!

Amanda has the knowledge and expertise to tailor the work to your goals and needs.  She was so supportive, affirming, and dedicated, in helping me and giving me the time to unearth and work through my issues.  Her gentle non-judgmental facilitation brought me to a place of understanding and certainty that felt so good.  She is empathetic, intuitive, insightful and only wants the very best for you.

Put yourself in Amanda’s hands and trust yourself - you’ll find it transformative! 

Do it!! Quite simple really.

Jan Stead ‧ Client

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