The Emotional Side of Dyslexia in Adults

Practical solutions for managing the hidden side of dyslexia


For many of us, living with dyslexia is more than just learning how to read or spell. Dyslexia can sometimes affect the way we feel.  And how we feel can affect our mindset and our day-to-day life.

Do you, or someone you know...

  • Have trouble communicating with others
  • Have issues following instructions at work 
  • Get easily frustrated, anxious or upset 

If the answer is YES, you don’t need to suffer in silence! Join our free webinar,  where Amanda du Toit, founder of Dyslexia Matters will discuss:

The ‘hidden side’ of dyslexia – how our emotions can affect us

Practical tips on how to manage your emotions

Where to get help

Q&A session

This webinar is for adults with dyslexia as well as partners or family members of people with dyslexia.